Statement - Longridge Community Gym

Published: 05 May 2022

Longridge Town Council has been acting as an honest broker between the Longridge Social Enterprise Company (LSEC) and One2One in an attempt to resolve the issue which led to LSEC giving notice to One2One to end the agreement to run the Community Gym at the Civic Hall. As a result LSEC has issued the following statement:

"When LSEC wrote to the members of Longridge Community Gym they did not intend to suggest any misconduct or wrongdoing by Angie Harrison and Darren Salmon. LSEC acknowledges that the discussions relating to the 10 year old service agreement and fore mentioned letter could have been handled better and apologises for the distress caused. LSEC would like to thank Darren and Angie for all their hard work in the past when running the Community Gym and wishes them well for the future."