Annual Meeting of Electors

The date of the Annual Meeting of Electors is to be confirmed.     

Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Council meetings have now resumed face to face with Council meetings being open to the public but there are still subject to Covid 19 restrictions which are still in place which include

  • reducing the number of persons in the meeting room 
  • wearing of masks on entry to the meeting room 
  • use of hand sanitisers 
  • attendance at meeting by members of the public should only be if "absolutely necessary" with a lateral flow test should undertaken within 48 hours of the meeting


The Council meets in the Station Building on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm. Members of the public are very welcome to attend and, if they wish to speak, may only do so for up to 3 minutes relevant to any item on the agenda. Contact your Councillor at least a  week before the meeting to ensure your issue is listed for debate.


Dates of Council Meetings for 2022

9th February 2022

Other dates to follow. 


Membership of Committees & Working Groups




Budget Executive Committee - Cllrs Adamson, Beacham, Gee, Jameson, Rogerson, Stubbs, Little & Town Clerk 


Estates Executive Committee -  Cllrs Gee, Jackson, Rogerson, Stubbs & Town Clerk


Staffing Committee -  Cllr Rainford, Cllrs Adamson.    Deputy Mayor Cllr Stubbs & Retired Mayor Cllr Ashcroft


Youth Council - Cllr Dalgleish-Warburton, Rainford & Jackson 



Working Groups


Planning - Cllrs Adamson, Ashcroft, Beacham, Jameson, Stubbs


Longridge Loop - Cllrs Adamson, Gee, Rainford


Towneley Gardens/Longridge in Bloom - Cllrs Ashcroft, Jackson, Rainford 


Community Champion - TBC


Parish Council Liaison Committee - Cllrs Beacham, Gee




Website/Social Media - Cllrs Stubbs, Rainford, Adamson, Dalgleish-Warburton, Little


Five Year Plan - TBC


Longridge Liaison - Cllrs Ashcroft, Dalgleish-Warburton


Pump Track - Cllrs Adamson, Dalgleish-Warburton , Stubbs 


Cllr Gee and Stubbs represent Longridge Town Council at the Longridge Environment Group meetings.  



Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

4 Jan 22


Budget Committee


12 Jan 22


Full Council (Postponed)


19 Jan 22


Full Council (Re-scheduled)


25 Jan 22


Estates Committee


1 Feb 22


Budget Committee

9 Feb 22


Full Council